Emotional self-care

Seeing as though I suffer from an “emotionally unstable personality disorder”- where I experience extreme highs and even lowers lows on a daily basis, you can only imagine how exhausting this must be. Not knowing how I will feel from one moment to the next. While I do find it bemusing to deem one as “emotionally unstable”, when many without a “personality disorder” often relate to these severe mood swings. Are we all mad?

Anyways… since it is my second installment of self-care Sunday’s, I am going to be looking at ways we can practice emotional self-care, explore ways to relax and let go. Catch the last post here: Self-care Sundays #1!


Practice emotional self-care 🚨💖🤞

1. Become more self-aware. Whether it’s listening to our language or considering our behaviour. Listen to how you talk to yourself. Is it positive or negative? How we speak to ourselves can affect our emotions. Perhaps just slowing down a little and taking the time to watch over ourselves could enable us recognize triggers.

2. Listen to your favourite music. Create a playlist. Include new music and old music- we all love a bit of nostalgia! Listen to music you’ve never heard before- you might surprise yourself.

3. Be generous. It’s a great quality and it always feels amazing to give, even if you are not expecting anything in return.

4. Be more forgiving, especially with yourself. We all make mistakes and sometimes the same ones over and over again. But as long as we try not to get stuck in the past and can move forward that is the most important thing.

5. Allow time for down time. Sometimes we kid ourselves into thinking we must be busy all the time, whether its with work, uni, friends, going out, etc. etc. Sometimes we just need to pencil in some time to do absolutely nothing. When I get a minute to myself I love to indulge in a Lush bath with some chill music on, but lately I haven’t been able to put down Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey”. What an absolute gem, full of short poems. So inspiring, loving and uplifting. Would definitely recommend!

6. Accept yourself for who you are. Stop seeking approval from friends, family, people who you don’t even know. You are the one who has to put yourself to bed at night and find the motivation to get up in the morning. So why not learn to love that person?

7. Work yourself out. Are you an introvert? Make sure you get some down-time. Or are you more of an extrovert? Well set up some plans this week… the worlds waiting for you! Maybe it’s not as black and white for you, but however you feel… just do what is right for you and learn to cater for your needs. Only you know your own body.

Watch out for my next post on self-care in the series next Sunday!

Feel free to contact me at ohevie@hotmail.com or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Evie xo


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