HOW TO: embrace Valentines Day, despite your relationship status! 


Even though I am a bit of a hopeless romantic, I’ve never really been one for Valentines Day. Always thinking it was a holiday that retailers capitalized on, taking away any sincerity from what could be an intimate day.  I also wonder if the reason I’m not too fussed on piling on the romance is due to the fact the only cards I have ever received were from my Nana. Not exactly Prince Charming. 🤔👸🏽

But this year I’m ready to spread the love… so here are my tips on how to fully embrace Valentines Day whether your single, spending it with pals, keeping it low-key or going all out!

Watch your favourite movies
Despite being in a long-term relationship, me and my boyfriend prefer to lie low on V.Day, we will probably just enjoy a chill evening with a nice meal and movie. It doesn’t matter if your in a relationship, spending the evening on your own or with friends- I’m sure there’s a movie out there to suit your mood. Clueless and Mean Girls are feel-good movies, or are you a sucker for Bridget Jones? One of my favourites is 500 Days of Summer or do I prefer Friends with Benefits. Hmm it’s a tough call to make. (I’m sure I can talk the boyf into rewatching these chick flicks – but then comes, who is the better duo Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Mila Kunis and JT?🤔😍)

Some other movies that might take your fancy whatever your mood may be this Valentines Day are: The Notebook, Pretty Woman, LaLa Land, Dirty Dancing, Titanic, John Tucker Must Die, Bring It On, Love Actually, Magic Mike.


Treat yourself
One of the best life lessons I took away from all those hours binge watching Sex and the City is that to get the most out of life, love and relationships you first you have be truly happy with yourself. I quote Carrie Bradshaw, “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” I find that so inspiring. So treat yourself, spend some time pleasing you. For tips on self-care check out my new weekly series #1, #2. I must admit, I am a sucker for Lush and they have some great specials in at the moment for the valentines collection. Get yourself down to store! Why not treat yourself to some new underwear? Or that make-up palette you’ve been eyeing up for some time. I’ve been obsessed with candles and scents using my wax burner lately, I find they are good for relaxation. However you decide to do it, definitely spend some time working on yourself. You won’t regret it. 🤙💯


We can all get caught up in strict regimes of diet or exercise, why not have a day off? Allowing yourself a little bit of what you fancy every once in a while is healthy. Tuck into that box of Lindt that’s been staring at you all week. Whether your eating in or out, give in to your desires. Forget that your “cutting carbs”, heck why not crack open that bottle of wine?


If blaring Little Mix’s “Shout Out To My Ex” (stay strong Perrie👊) is what you need to get you through V.Day, then whats the biggie? Do you prefer to bang out Adele’s hits? Maybe you’ve already got a T.Swift playlist on queue?  Perhaps your feeling the classics, Marvin Gaye’s “Lets Get it On” is irresistibly smooth and will set the mood of any romantic evening. Surely Whitney can’t go down wrong on Valentines Day if your into the oldies? There is always music to suit your mood– so make a playlist, have a good ol’ sing song and have some fun. You deserve it.


Go somewhere new
Whether its trying out that coffee shop you’ve always wondered about, going out for cocktails with your friends or booking a romantic get-away or city break with your other half. Make sure you go outside. Whatever takes your fancy, there’s no excuse not to get out and about this Valentines Day. Try somewhere new, even if it only seems small and don’t be afraid to go solo.

Buy flowers
When was the last time you bought flowers? Valentines is the perfect excuse! For your loved ones or even for yourself, there’s never been a better excuse to treat yourself to that gorgeous bunch of roses. Keeping plants and flowers around the home is an excellent way to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Doing so is said to increase the mood and create a positive more relaxed environment. What are you waiting for? 💃🏽🌹


Don’t hate, appreciate
Accept that some people are more present on social media than others. If people want to share how they are spending their Valentines then they have every right to do so. If you can’t bare to see “The boy did good 😍💯” kinda posts, I’d suggest you lie low on social media. If you decide to drop the devices it’s the perfect opportunity to practice self-care, go outdoors, socialise and spend time with loved ones. Either way, I say we embrace the fact that we all live different lives and enjoy different things. Spread love, not hate. Remember, it is Valentines Day after all guys. ✌️💋

Spread the love
You could buy gifts for loved ones, spend time pampering your pets, or simply let people know you love them- even if its with a text or a call. I think its important to remember we needn’t have one day to remind us to act loving towards one another. Little acts of kindness each day go a long way. However if this holiday can prompt us to be more generous, practice self-care and bring togetherness then- hey I’m all for it. 💌


Hope yal enjoyed the advice. How are you spending your Valentines day?

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Evie xo


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