HOW TO: be kind

Today is #RandomActsOfKindessDay and to be honest I don’t think there is ain’t that makes me feel better than spreading the love. Don’t you just think it’s just nice to be nice? Even if not, being kind can benefit you too!

What is kindness?
Being kind could be a quality in person- perhaps when someone is friendly, warm and welcoming. Or, someone could carry out an act of kindness… you know those real good deeds that sometimes just come over us.

10 ways to be kind
1.)Give someone a compliment
You like that skirt your colleagues working? Don’t just think it, express yourself! You know we all love a compliment. Why don’t you tell your partner how gorgeous they look today. It will make them feel amazing. Kindness spreads so you never know, you might just get one back.

2.)Give your time to a homeless person
Simply by giving your time to a homeless person could help make them feel more ‘human’. Isn’t it so sad to think that you may have been the only person to speak to that person all day? Imagine if you were homeless, how much you would appreciate a simple conversation from a kind soul who has taken time out of their day to speak to you. Just a bit of human interaction can really change a persons perspective on life, from one moment to the next. We all have feelings and emotions, it’s important to remember that.

3.)Hold the door open
Just do it. Make it instinct. Whoever it is. Like I say, it’s nice to be nice. It’s a good habit to have, that’s ultimately makes everyones life that little bit easier.

4.)Express gratitude
Manners cost nothing. Do what your mamma taught you and always say “please” and “thank you”. It’s kind, courteous and encourages human interaction. Remember to do it with a smile. 🙂 A simple smile can trigger happiness.

5.)Let someone who is struggling know you are there for them
Is your friend, partner, family member suffering from an illness? Perhaps they are fighting mental battles of their own and are struggling at the moment. You could let them know you are there for them whenever they need you by sending a text message, a card, flowers. Maybe you would prefer to call them to see how they are doing or you might like to make them a personalised hamper full of their favourite things to make them feel extra special. However you decide to do it, small or grand gesture- just let them know you are there for them whenever they need you. I’m sure they will really appreciate it.

an old friend
It’s so easy as we grow older and begin to ‘adult’ for life to get in the way. But life should never be an excuse for friendships to fade. Why not pick up the phone and call that old friend you’ve been thinking about? See how they’re doing? Arrange a meet up! Time flies, so don’t let it pass you by or you will regret it. You’ll be shocked to find out what other people have been going through.

Just listening to someone who really needs to talk can be one of the greatest acts of kindness. Being available for a person when they need you most is sometimes the most you can do for a person. If they are willing to open up to you and share their troubles with you, then that is a sign of a great relationship.

8.)Tag someone who’s struggling in a funny/cute/ANY animal video
They say laughter is the best medicine… and dogs. So find your favourite videos that have you in stitches, make someone elses day and get tagging! Share the love, laughter and you might even get the conversation flowing.

You could donate money to a cause that is close to your heart, or maybe you’d prefer to give your money to a homeless person you’ve spoken to. Even donating clothes to charity is a great act of kindness and fab way to get rid of those clothes that have been building cobwebs in that ever crowding wardrobe! Two birds, one stone.

10.)Be positive
I am a firm believer that positivity breeds positivity. Constant complaining spreads negativity and lowers the tone. Try not to complain for a whole week? Or even a month? See if you can do it? Or if this seems too hard, try to be more aware of your language and focus on the positive things. You might just be surprised how much this can change your mindset, mood and overall wellbeing!

Why be kind
Is the act of kindness actually as selfless as we make out? I don’t know… it definitely makes me feel pretty damn good. I know that for sure. Additionally, when we are kind it is more likely to inspire others to act that way too. So kindness, like positivity does breed. Research shows being kind actually makes YOU happier, ultimately by doing good for others we simultaneously benefit ourselves.

To be honest, I can’t think of a single reason not to be kind. Be kind to your self, and to others! Especially on a day like today- #RandomActsOfKindessDay

What have you done that’s kind today? Let me know!

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Evie xo


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