HOW TO: feel good!

It’s that time of week again… Self-care Sundays is back! Catch my other self-care posts here #1, #2! This week I’ll be giving you tips on how look after yourself physically. So here’s some things you can do to keep you fit, fun and fabulous…

Ways to practice physical self care 💯💪💘

1. Have that perfect, early morning
Getting up early in the morning means that we can be more productive, because well we just have more time to do things throughout the day. It’s not rocket science, is it? But it’s not just about getting up early- it’s how we do it that counts. You could set an alarm tone that you know will get you out of the right side of bed. Set an alarm early enough that means you don’t have to rush- no-one likes to be rushed, especially in the morning. I don’t think there’s anything better than a refreshing ice cold glass of water in the morning to wake you up, followed by a hot shower and then of course the almighty coffee… what gets me through the day. GIVE ME CAFFEINE.
What’s your ideal morning?

2. Stay organised
I know that keeping my life in orders helps keep my mind in order. The easiest way to get started is making to-do lists, there are plenty of handy apps you can download so check out the app store to see if anything takes your fancy! I prefer writing on post-it notes and jotting my thoughts down on note pads. I have so many cute note-pads around the house, sometimes I don’t know which one to use!

Working from home I have to really work hard to manage my time- I have started scheduling my days to make the most out of my time. Obviously not down to the minute, but I have found that giving my days structure have really increased my productivity and overall happiness as I do not feel so lost in the day. You could schedule in time for self-care, cooking, exercise as well as work! Work out your routine and stick at it. You’ll get there- and could be surprised at how much time you actually have.


3. Take your medication/supplements
If you suffer with an illness or condition and are prescribed medication, make sure you take them as recommended by your GP. A good way to remember to take your meds is investing in a pill box. They’re cheap, cheerful and something I find very useful- especially for those of us who have to take multiples medications.

Maybe you don’t have a medical condition, or take prescribed medication? Could vitamins or supplements still have a positive effect on your life? This week research has suggested that addding vitamin D to food would reduce deaths and significantly cut NHS costs. So would you start taking a vitamin D supplement if the health benefits were clear? A health supplement I’ve recently started taking is 5HTP, after reading reviews that many found this effective for relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. So far I have found this effective in raising my mood and would recommend to anyone interested in seeking an alternative to an anti-depressant. Please note: 5HTP cannot be used with anti-depressants and of course like any medication these affect everyone differently, so do seek advice from a professional before taking them.

4. Understand your body
Listen to your body. Pay attention to it. It is important to be connected to our bodies and our selves. If you feel sick or unwell, make sure you go to the doctors. Do not put things off. Always be your own best friend.

5. Keep active
Exercise is essential as part of an healthy lifestyle. Even better that it comes with tons of benefits. Exercise is a great stress reliever, confidence booster, improving our health and helping to manage our weight. Great right? I think the most important thing to remember about exercise is that it can be enjoyed in all sorts of ways! Yes you can go to the gym, or on a run if that is what you prefer… but it doesn’t have to be that way. I like to take my dog on long walks (or maybe vice versa, but either way it’s all exercise)! You could join a dance class. Maybe try something you’ve never done before. Why not push yourself out of your comfort zone? Exercise is a great way to meet new people and socialise!

Another thing I’ve been trying out lately is yoga. It’s been helping me feel a lot calmer and together. To be honest, after convincing myself for years I would never be flexible enough to anything of the sort (I even refused to do a roly poly in PE because I was scared I couldn’t roll😂), so I am really proud of myself doing the downward dog. So here’s to us all trying new things! (but I might give the roly-poly a miss…🤔)

How do you keep active? Is there anything you’ve new you’d like to take up?

6. Look after animals
Without a doubt pets are the best therapy! I literally could not be without my cockapoo. He always knows what to do. When I’m feeling down in the dumps and can barely scrape myself out of bed, here he comes… my ginger prince Ollie giving me the cuddles I so desperately need. 🐕💛✨ The lick of life that says ‘I love you, you got this Evie!’. Me and Ollie are the best of friends and I can’t imagine my life without him, he gives me a reason to get up in the morning. He makes me excited, he makes me want to explore, he gives me that sense of child-like adventure. 🤞💞


Literally by just stroking an animal is said to reduce stress. Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, why not visit your friends? (Heck, everyone come to mine yal can play with me and Ollie- wrap up warm, it’s cold up North!) Did you know there was even pet-sharing apps where you can borrow peoples dogs? There’s no excuse- get petting.


7. Go outside
I know this one sounds small, but sometimes getting your ass up outta bed can be the hardest part. It’s usually all in the head. But once this is over with try get yourself outside. Whether it’s to meet up for a coffee-date with a friend, walk the dog, even a quick walk to the shops or your just nipping out to appreciate the day… because well it’s a beautiful isn’t it? We all know that we feel better after going out, so why deny ourselves the pleasure? Just go outside. You will feel better afterwards.

8. Have sex
Apart from stating the obvious good ways how sex makes us feel… doing the deed regularly is said to give us many health benefits such as boosting the immune system, reducing stress, improving sleep and relationships. So lets in the name of self-care, invest in some cute underwear and lets get it on…


9. Eat well, drink plenty
Try to eat a varied diet. Give in to cravings if that is what you want. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t be restrictive but don’t over indulge. I find everything in moderation is the best way to eat. If you do want to change your diet, why not try cutting back on a certain food this week? Taking it little steps at a time could make it easier and more achievable for you in the long run. Simple lifestyle changes are much more manageable in the long term than drastic diets.

In terms of fluids, it is recommended to drink two litres of water a day but I dare say not many of us reach that. Drinking enough water is important as it helps stay alert throughout the day, keep clear skin, prevents headaches and improves overall mood. I’ve found that by carrying a water bottle around with me, this has helped increase my water intake.

Try monitoring your water intake this week? Are you drinking enough water?

10. Have a good skincare routine
Get some time getting to know your skin. Do you what type of skin you have? Lush is usually my go-to shop for skin care products, along with a few other all-time favourites. I have quite troublesome combination, spotty skin and whenever I have a breakout Lush is usually my first port of call. Luckily I have my skin care routine almost mastered, usually preventing breakouts.

Do you have a skin care routine? What products do you swear by?

11. Sleep
Quality and quantity are both just as important when it comes to sleep. Try to switch all electronics off in good time before you go to bed to make sure you are relaxed and can fall asleep with ease. Instead of playing on your phone before bed, you could go ‘old school’ and read a book? This help you with hitting the hay in no time at all. Although you might fall asleep with ease after a night on the town, the quality is definitely compromised- so it is advised to avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed as much as possible in order to catch the best zz’s.


Watch out for my next post on self-care in the series next Sunday!

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Evie xo


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