Leicester, what are you thinking?

Just nine months after lifting the Premier League trophy with Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri leaves the King Power Stadium after saying his goodbyes to players and staff. It is the second year in a row that the winning Premier League manager is sacked in the following season, is this what football has become? Jose Mourinho, the most recent Premier League causality of this treatment, claims Ranieri is a ‘victim of his own success’. With those words, I do agree.


With much scepticism Ranieri joined the club after the sacking of Nigel Pearson. After enduring a tough prior season but managing to finish 14th in the Premier League, Claudio had some work to do. To the worlds surprise, the Italian manager with much charm literally turned a bang-average club into Champions.

We can all recall how Leicester triumphed last season and we all shared their glory. It was a truly amazing journey. Their fairytale touched us all, that is something which cannot be denied. It brought people together everywhere; fans of the sport and people who had never even watched a game before. The Foxes were the talk of the of the summer as they marched to Premier League success against all odds: 5000/1 to be exact. (What a bet if you backed the lads!) The players had a spectacular season, the fans got behind the players and the manager orchestrated ‘The Leicester Fairytale’.


So when I heard just 298 days later, that the mastermind behind the Foxes dream had been sacked… well I was truly shocked, appalled and deeply upset. Gary Lineker described his exit as “inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad” and I totally agree. Were the owners confused? Did they suffer from short-term memory loss? The FIFA Manager of the Year had been so easily disposed of. The Foxes had made it to the Champions League for the first time ever, lifted the Premier League trophy for the first (and probably the last time). None of this matter to the owners, I guess that is how football goes. It is results based, the fans are fickle and to be honest it is quite simply brutal.

That is the thing, the story of Leicester winning the league is a fairytale that will probably never happen again. They are a middle-table team (if they’re lucky). Last year they were many variables as to why they won the league and this should be taken into consideration. Vardy had a good season, but in reality he is not a world class player. Perhaps they should have cashed in on him at the time… but no-one wanted the dream to end, especially Ranieri. Despite him managing to persuade the clubs top players to stay with him on this amazing j0urney, we all knew that Leicester’s form could not continue. This season they are continuing to perform as a run-of-the-mill team as they always have been. Just the way we expect ‘the same old Leicester’ to perform, but not ‘Leicester the Champions’- but I’ll tell you now Leicester fans, you won’t get another manager like Ranieri.

The least Leicester could have done, is allow Claudio to continue his work for the rest of the season- as he has always been such a gent to the club and the fans. I just wonder what is next for Leicester? I mean how do they have the audacity to sack a Premier League winning manager with no replacement lined up? But again, this is a flaw in football as a whole rather than the Leicester case.

Claudio Ranieri, you will always be a legend! Thank you sir 💙🏆✨


Is Leicester City the greatest story in football? What do you make of the sacking of Claudio Ranieri?

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Evie xo


2 thoughts on “Leicester, what are you thinking?

  1. Good piece dude. Personally I don’t think Leicester City is the greatest story in football, I think Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest was even better, but thats my own opinion.

    I think it’s really disgraceful from Leicester City to have sacked the manager that made a team that won the Premier League. It’s far from loyal and even if they were to be relegated at the end of the season, Claudio Ranieri should be there with the. I guess the board got too excited with Champions League rather than being concerned with the club.

    After last night’s results it’s even more clear to me that some of the players didn’t want Ranieri anymore. Because the desire they put in, in the 3-1 win over Liverpool was unequalled with the rest of the games this season.

    It’s sad that modern football has become this shambles.

    Marc | http://www.ohbuggerall.com

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    1. Thanks Mark! I totally agree regarding last nights performance, reminds me of last season when Chelsea started performing as soon as Mourinho was sacked. Upsets me a bit more cause Ranieri isn’t regarded as a top manager like Jose is and he at least deserved to leave Leicester with dignity. Just shows that players are snakes these days… x


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