10 things everyone should know about Eating Disorders

Throughout most of my life I have been affected by disordered eating and in honour of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week I wrote about some of my experiences for the first time🙃. So for my fifth self-care Sundays I thought I would share some things with yal that I think everyone should know about ED’s. Check out my past posts in the series, they’re right here- #1 #2 #3 #4

Enjoy xo

1.)Beauty is not defined by a number.
2.)Happiness is not defined by weight.
3.)BMI is bullshit!
4.)Do not associate food with mood.
5.)Eat to live, don’t live to eat.
6.)We all come in different shapes and sizes, that is what makes us beautiful
7.)Never underestimate the life-long effects of an ED, be kind to yourself and others.
8.)Anyone can suffer from an eating disorder, no matter what they look like!
9.)Eating disorders kill – at least one person dies as a direct result from an ED every hour.
10.)Recovery is possible. 🙏✨

If you think someone you know is suffering, or maybe you are… it could be time to get help. Check out Beat’s website – Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity, who have been raising awareness of eating disorders this week. Their website is a great resource for getting your head around the complicated world of eating disorders

I hope this post has been encouraging, helpful and informative!
Know that you are never alone. 💛

Watch out for my next post on self-care in the series next Sunday!

Feel free to contact me at ohevie@hotmail.com or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Evie xo


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