HOW TO: lose weight, change your mindset and be happy!

Start weight: 17 stone January 2015
Current weight: 11 stone March 2017


Since being little girl I have always struggled with my weight and body image. After trying countless fad diets, slimming groups, calorie counting programs and strict exercise regimes- all to no avail I was starting to feel like maybe I was just “born this way”.

However, over the past the two years I have managed to lose a whopping 6 stone (84lbs) and drop from a size 22/24 to a size 10-14 (why are girls sizes so annoying🙃?!)… shedding just over a third of my original body weight!

A lot of people have been asking me how I’ve done it? So I guess I’ll talk you through what I have done differently this time around…


1.) Fizzy drinks- I cut them out!
I’d say this has been the biggest influence of my weight loss. Before I would mindlessly drink 6+ cans of Pepsi a day without a second thought. Have you seen all the shite in those drinks?! Since cutting out carbonated drinks completely I have felt less bloated, more energized and have benefited from a much better sleeping routine as fizzy drinks tend to have a lot of caffeine in them!

2.) Drink more water
It’s recommended to drink 2 litres of water a day (8 glasses). I’ve found it a lot easier to hit this target by carrying a bottle around with me throughout the day.

Also, if you think you are hungry- first try have a glass of water because it may just be your body signaling that you are in fact just thirsty. Our brains cannot differentiate between the two feelings, and if we are not drinking enough water- which many of us often do not, then we tend to overeat. Drinking more water also helps you feel more energized and keeps your skin looking good. Quick- turn on that tap!


3.) Drink herbal tea
Since being recommended herbal tea by a friend- I have literally been obsessed! My favourite is peppermint. Mmmm, I love its strong smell! It has been shown to suppress the appetite as well as having many relaxing qualities; whilst also being great for the digestive system- keeping everything moving and flowing naturally and healthily around your body. Whats not to love?Try Aldi’s range of herbal tea’s, they are to die for and extremely reasonably priced- at just £1.89 for 15 tea bags I believe. Bargain!😍💚☕️


4.) Cut down alcohol- Beware of hidden calories!
When I weighed my heaviest I was at university so was going out drinking almost every night, careless to the fact I was probably consuming a weeks worth of calories in a night. All those trebles, jäger bombs, and whatever else I could get my hands on. Looking back I dread to think the fat/calorie content in those drinks. The truth is alcohol is literally laden with ’empty calories’. If you’re heading out on the town at least try to be drinkwise. Nowadays I generally try to stick to a vodka and cranberry… but some other low-cal drinks include:
🍸Vodka, lemon and lime
🍸Gin and tonic
🍸Rum and diet coke
🍸Carries fave drink in SATC… a Cosmopolitan!

(Not the best way to lose six stone, but it’s all about balance right?)

4.) Portion control
Most people have no idea how much they overeat. Remember that a typical serving is usually a handful of food. Here’s some tips to help you control your portion sizes:

🍽Write down everything you eat each day, you may shock yourself!
🍽If you are unsure, always read the label of anything you eat, because serving sizes do vary!
🍽Use a smaller plate. This will help you reduce your portion sizes naturally.
🍽Always drink a glass of water before your meal. It will help you feel fuller and stop you from overeating.

5.) Exercise- it doesn’t have to be scary or gruelling!
After a long sedentary period due to depression I was eager to increase my activity levels again. What better way to get back into things than taking my gorgeous puppy on long walks?

Throughout my weight loss journey my main source of exercise has been walking my cockapoo twice a day. Don’t get me wrong he does take some walking; we are out for at least an hour each time and try to mix it up by going to different places. I find this far more enjoyable than spending hours grueling at the gym- and getting out and about does wonders for my mental health. My point is whether you’re a gym bunny, dog walker or a at-home-dvd-kinda-gal… just do whatever works best for you! Any exercise is a positive! Even if its the stairs > lift! We all started from somewhere. You got this!

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.39.17.png

6.) Change your mindset- it’s not a diet!
I think the main difference this time round is that I have made positive lifestyle changes that I can maintain and have come to the realization that diets don’t work in the long-term. Stop the negative thinking patterns that are holding you back– “I’ll start my diet on Monday”, “my office is so unhealthy”, “I don’t know how to cook”, “it’s in my genes- I’ll never be healthy”. All of these things are in your control and you are the only thing holding yourself back. Try not to think in black and white, if you cave and have a cake at the office because it’s someones birthday its not the end of the world is it? You can get back on track and cook a healthy dinner that evening… it doesn’t mean you have to go Maccies drive-thru on the way home followed by a Indian for tea because “whats the point in carrying on now?”. Have some willpower. Work through the challenges.


7.) Stay positive
The key is to remain positive throughout your weight-loss journey.
If you feel yourself slipping off track think back to why you started. Instead of thinking “oh fuck it, I’ll always be fat anyways- whats the point?”, think “why did I want to lose weight in the first place?” How might your life be different in a month, six months or one years time if you continue on your journey? You could be fitter, socialising in different circles, have better relationships, wearing clothes you’ve only dreamed of or perhaps haven’t worn in years. Only you know what your goals are but try not to lose sight of them.

8.) Ditch the scales
Taking a break from weighing myself was the best thing I have ever done. I look back at my obsessive behaviour and almost feel ashamed. Why did I let a number define my life, mood and general happiness? The truth is that our weight changes on a daily basis, even the time of day affects our weight. Along with a bunch of other ridiculous things that are out of our control such as: hormones in the body, if your on your period, if you need the toilet, when you’ve exercised. So why are we so obsessed? Weight can be used as a guide, but if we must I would suggest getting weighed and measured monthly. This way real changes can be seen and appreciated overtime. Instead of being consumed by weight, try to focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit. This is how you will recognise real progress.


9.)Fuck the fads!
There are so many different diets and weight-loss programmes out there promising to help you lose weight. I’m not saying they don’t work for some, but the reality is that diets can become obsessive and restrictive telling us what we can and can’t eat. The changes that we are expected to make to our eating habits can be so extreme, many of us cannot maintain them for a significant period of time so it is inevitable that countless people ‘fail’ or ‘fall of the wagon’. This often leads to us feeling dispirited and soon returning to old eating habits, in turn regaining the work we worked so hard to lose and often more. How disheartening?

I remember being just thirteen years old and being on a grapefruit and egg diet to try and shed the lb’s. I now see how extreme this is, and feel saddened that I thought this was a healthy way to lose weight, and even more upset that a child of that age would be so body conscious. Now I have grown and understand that it is best to eat a variety of foods in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation is best.

Be the change!

It is proven that lifestyle changes are far more effective for long-term weight loss and maintenance. It’s simple changes like eating breakfast, drinking more water, go on a walk, and taking the stairs that will make the difference in the long run!

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so what’s stopping you?

You got this!👊


Feel free to contact me at or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Evie xo


8 thoughts on “HOW TO: lose weight, change your mindset and be happy!

  1. This is so refreshing. It’s some of the most down to earth, honest, practical and positive advice I’ve read on healthy eating/lifestyle in a long time. Thank you for sharing it.


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