Spring Clean Your Life

Hello all. I won’t bore you all with a super long post for I’m sure you have far better things to do doing with your time. But please do keep reading for just a few moments to see a few tips on how to spring clean your life over the holidays. Enjoy.

1.)Clear out your clutter
Throw out those old receipts, sort through them unopened letters you’ve been dodging, clear out your old clothes- sell them or give them to charity! Tidy out your make-up you’d be surprised at what has already passed it’s sell-by date.

2.)Cleanse your mind
Stop comparing yourself with others instead focus on yourself. Don’t spend your time and energy on toxic people- they’re simply not worth it and negativity spreads. Likewise remember that positivity spreads so try to think happy thoughts. Work on those relationships that make you a better person.

3.)Get organised
Schedule those appointments you’ve been putting off, organise your medicines and pick up any prescriptions you may need. Has the Easter sunshine left you wanting more? Why don’t you start looking online and book up for your next adventure? Everyone deserves to have something to look forward to!

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Evie xo

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