Snap election// 50 days to go…

Current and unelected Prime Minister Theresa May kinda rolled into Number 10 after Tory rival Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the leadership contest following David Cameron’s resignation after Britain voted to leave the EU. Remember all that? Oh how long ago that all seems now. Nice turn of events for the vicars daughter, eh?

Well in order to back Mrs May’s mandate for hard Brexit and to hopefully strengthen her leadership over a battling Labour Party, she has called a snap election! (exactly what she said she wouldn’t do, oh Theresa🤔)


Do not fear! The election might be in just fifty, yes 5-0 days but whether you’re an aspiring editor of the Evening Standard or a first-timer at the polls here are some tips to get you ready for June 8th!

1.) Make an informed decision. Do your homework, research party manifestos. Make sure you know who you are voting for! Choose policies over people.

2.) If you’re still struggling to get inspired this election, why not try taking an online quiz to see which parties your views are most politically aligned to? Try out either I Side With or Political Compass to give you some guidance.

3.) Don’t be fooled: Remember that papers and media/news sources can be biased– be aware for fake news! See through the bullshit.

4.) Know that your vote matters just as much as everybody else’s so take in as much as you can over the next fifty days! Use your vote wisely but in order to vote at all you must be registered. You can do this online at

5.) Remember that your vote is yours and you don’t have to vote the same as your family/friends/anyone else you may feel influenced by. Never feel pressured by other people’s views or opinions. When you go into that polling booth on June 8th go with your gut and the best part is you don’t have to tell anybody if you prefer not to.

Have you voted before or will this be your first time? Either way don’t forget to register to vote! Search #BloggersWhoVote on Twitter to find out how other bloggers/influencers are getting active throughout this campaign!

Feel free to contact me at or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Evie xo

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