Spending time alone

The thought of spending time alone used to really frighten me. Even the idea of going to for a coffee, watching a movie or grabbing a bite to eat on my lonesome would make me feel sick- enough to make me skip lunch anyway if the situation ever arose. God forbid I would take myself on a weekend away or a holiday for one. What on earth would I do? Why would I put myself through such torture? Probably because the idea of being truly alone with my thoughts was truly terrifying; it was no wonder I was always doing my upmost to avoid it.

Now times have changed for me, through self-love and self-care I have become more independent and individual. I have gained the confidence to do things alone and actually enjoy doing so. Don’t worry if your not there yet- be patient with yourself and take small steps. I still have a long way to go but I know I am on the right path to fierce self improvement. To tell you the truth there’s plenty of reasons why spending time alone is actually better sometimes. So here I am going to talk you through some of them.

1.) Reflection
In a world where you are constantly surrounded by others in real life or through technology it can be hard to get a minute to think, preventing us from working through our problems rationally. Spending time alone allows us to gather our thoughts and reflect on a situation in order to come up with more thorough and effective solutions.

2.) Get shit done
We all know that you simply are more productive when you are on your own. More people equals more distractions. If you have a list of things to do spend a period of time with no distractions or interruptions and you will get through it, if its a really big list try split it up into something more manageable/realistic.

3.) Self care
Getting some alone time is the perfect opportunity to relax and practice self-care. It is super important for your body and mind to get some down-time, see it as an opportunity to replenish yourself. Catch up on some reading or your favourite TV show, or maybe you’d rather a long soak in the bath with a face-mask. However you self care make sure you fit it in!

4.) Improve relationship with others
By spending time alone you get to gain a greater sense of self and begin to realise what you want from your relationships. Taking a step back allows you to see people in a new perspective and really helps to give you a sense of gratitude for what they bring to you and the people in their life. They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

5.) Do what you want
Yes it’s always fun hanging out in big massive groups isn’t it… until its not. Everyone wants thinks their way is the best and is reluctant to compromise. Sometimes it gets boring always having to cut yourself short for the sake of other people, why not just take a little bit of time out and do what you really fancy for a change?

6.) Learn to trust your own judgement
It really is so empowering to make a decision off your own back knowing its the right thing for you. Often when we spend time in groups without even realising it we can heavily influenced by the decisions and opinions of other. Spending time alone means you have to think and feel for yourself.

Do you spend much time alone? What do you like about being solo?

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Evie xo

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