Music for the soul

Music is good for the soul, we cannot deny it. I know listening to music has helped me through some tough times but let’s not forget the countless memories that have been made in the presence of good music. You know, dancing around and having a laugh on nights out with friends, or going to gigs and festivals with loved ones feeling like you don’t have a care in the world. For me music is a form of escapism. It’s a way to shut off from the world and sometimes zone out of your own head for a little bit. I love making connections between lyrics and real life and wondering why that person wrote those words and what they were thinking about at the time. I always think about the deeper meaning behind things and music is exactly the same. I love the fact each individual will make their own spin on the lyrics and take what they will from the message. Whatever your reason for liking music, I think it’s fair to say it affects all of us differently but can definitely be a great coping mechanism in times of need. You are never alone if you have a lovely sound to accompany you. So here are twenty-three songs that have got me through my twenty-three years. It really was hard to compile this list as music is such a big part of my life but here goes… (in no particular order)
1.)Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor
2.)Lana Del Rey – West Coast
3.)Childish Gambino – Redbone
4.)Robyn – Dancing on my Own
5.)The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
6.)Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love?
7.)Otis Redding – Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
8.)Bruno Mars – Chunky
9.)Frank Ocean – Ivy
10.)Amy Winehouse – Fuck Me Pumps
11.)Sugababes – Too Lost In You
12.)Rihanna – Same Ol’ Mistakes
13.)Lady Gaga – Dope
14.)Kanye West- Through The Wire
15.)Solange – Losing You
16.)Beyonce – Me, Myself & I
17.)Babyshambles – Fuck Forever
18.)Natalie Imbruglia – Torn
19.)Fleetwood Mac- Everywhere
20.)Luther Vandross- Never Too Much
21.)The Kooks – Naive
22.)Blackstreet – No Diggity
23.)Destinys Child – Survivor

This list could literally go on and on and on. Bit of a random bunch but there you go that’s me. Sad, happy, chill, cheesy, new, old. It is what it is. I’ve tried to keep it to one song per artist but some artists I could literally have list their entire discographies I love them so much. But hey, it doesn’t really matter what I like, it’s about finding what music you are into and what can get you through. Music can be a real saviour so make the most of it.

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Evie xo

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