Vote for change, not fear.

Tomorrow the polling stations will open and the people of the UK will face with a choice- hope and change or more austerity and more cuts while the richest in our society get off tax free, quite literally.

Each day the pollsters show that Labour are closing in on the Tories lead, but Jeremy Corbyn is relying on the younger generation to lend him your vote to get Theresa May out of No.10! The Labour leader inspired a whole generation to get into politics just when we thought all hope was lost. He was elected with the biggest mandate of any party leader, and even re-elected just to prove he’s in it for the long haul. His honesty, principles and genuine desire to make a difference have took the political landscape by storm. How could such a man be given such a platform? These exact reasons are the ones why people relate to him so much, and why the media can’t stand him. People always moan about politicians saying the same thing or talking in riddles, well this is a man who says what he means and means what he says. His views are clear and he makes no qualms about them.

Lynton Crosby is one of the key strategists behind Theresa May’s campaign; who’s nasty tactics came into question when the Tory’s won a shock majority in 2015 and more recently in the London Mayoral election when unsurprisingly unsuccessful Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith’s campaign turned divisive and racist. Indeed, this is a deliberate strategy by the Conservatives. They choose to play politics upon people’s fears, your fears. Immigration, terrorism, health, schools, Europe, NHS, taxes. Don’t give in to the fear. By giving in to the fear you are simply losing out. You are losing your human rights, rights at work, animal rights, benefits for disabled people, NHS as we know it, good schools, your home to pass on to your children, freedom and opportunity. Don’t give in to the Tory agenda.


Regarding the recent terrorist attack in London, Theresa May said “Enough is enough”. Puzzling words from a woman who has been Home Secretary and then Prime Minister for the past seven years. David Cameron’s former director of strategy said that May should be “resigning not seeking re-election” as she is “responsible for the security failures” that led to the terror attacks. An opinion that many seem to agree with as the prime minister struggles to keep her election campaign together since the attacks, continuously facing tough questions on security rather than her preferred subject of Brexit. The fact is that she has never been scrutinized on her role as Home Secretary. It was her role to protect our national security, now she has called a vanity election her prior role must be questioned. She cut police numbers by 20,000, a mistake that Margaret Thatcher never made, and a number of experts are saying that this puts the UK at a higher risk of a terrorist act. In fact there is plenty of evidence that Mrs. May was warned plenty of times throughout her time in Home Office by the police about the effects these cuts would have but May simply accused the police of “scaremongering”. I guess it takes one to know one.

It is actually quite confusing as to why the Conservatives decided for Theresa May to take a presidential role throughout the campaign given her track record in government. She has never been popular within the political elite. Despite her personal ratings being high prior to the campaign, when she was untested, they have continued to drop throughout as May continues to deny any wrongdoings and cracks under public pressure. Voters are beginning to see through the Tory soundbites. Surely “Strong and stable” and an uncosted manifesto can’t see May and co. through this election? 

Time after time the Conservatives attempt to tear down Labour’s manifesto, insisting a “big black hole” in their costings. However, unlike the Tory manifesto, the Labour partys’ is fully costed and the IFS (Institute of Fiscal Studies) approved with the only concern being tax-dodgers possibly avoiding higher rates of tax. The Labour party insist they would do everything in their power to go after these offenders. While it has been frequently quoted that the government have 10:1 people working on fraudulent benefit claiments: people evading taxes, this comes as no surprise. Shocking statistics with a clear message. An austerity, Benefit Street, Tory led agenda.


The IFS criticized the Conservatives (uncosted) manifesto stating that our public services simply could not handle five more years of Tory austerity. It was stated that the Tory government would be forced to either pull back on spending cuts or increase taxes to prevent further cuts in the NHS and schools from hitting services. Her track record is austerity and more of this agenda would be putting our lives and services at risk, we have been warned countless times austerity does not work.  Though the biggest problem with the Tory manifesto is there appears to be a “to be continued” theme with May refusing to commit to anything. There is no clarity on figures, or whether there will be tax rises (though Michael Fallon ruled out tax increases for high-earner just a few days ago). The U-turn on social care was clearly an attempt to win back elderly voters whose vote she had took for granted when she announced such a harsh policy, that would affect up to 90% of home owners. The Prime Minister is yet to put a cap on her so called “dementia tax” and says she will do so after the election. Don’t allow her the chance. What kind of government encourages generations to buy their own homes and then implements a tax that takes it out of your very hands, so you cannot pass it down to your family? What a twisted policy.

On the other hand Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has gone from strength to strength. He is rising in the polls, his personal ratings are increasing, he’s joined The Libertines on stage, met with JME, fronted NME, he even made some jam for The One Show- how does the Labour leader have the time? He even managed to squeeze in a televised debate (that Theresa May couldn’t be bothered to attend) and a rather shouty interview with Paxman. Whatever he is doing Corbyn looks at ease, he is in his element at the moment. No matter the outcome of the election it is without a doubt that Corbyn has had the best campaign.

The Labour leader connects with people in a way that other politicians have failed to do as he speaks so frankly about an array of issues that really matter. The people finally feel there is a leader who relates, understands and most importantly listens to its people. The Tories are more bothered about brining fox hunting back in than saving our NHS, showing how out of touch they are with society. Despite being an older man he has not been afraid to engage with the younger generation through all means possible, he was even doing live questions with UniLad this week. Never struggling to gather a crowd while travelling up and down the country, engaging with the public and politicians alike Corbyn draws you in in a way May never could. The cheers when he eats a Pringle, well just imagine the scenes if he became Prime Minister. Outrageous. It would certainly put May’s vanity election to shame.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 19.50.32.png

We have the momentum. We can make history. Let all #voteLabour tomorrow and end this Tory government.

Do you want?

  • An end to university tuition fees
  • Increased school funding and smaller class sizes
  • £37bn extra investment to save our NHS
  • No tax rises for anyone earning less than £80,000
  • A real living wage of £10 per hour
  • One million new affordable homes
  • 30 free hours of childcare for all 2-4 year olds
  • 10,000 more police officers on our streets
  • Free school meals for all primary school children
  • Protect the pension triple lock
  • A halt to Tory hospital closures

#JezWeCan #ForTheMany #NotTheFew #ToriesOut ❤️

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Evie xo

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