To the man who raised me

I remember the day you entered my life as if it was yesterday – we walked along Redcar seafront and instantly felt like a family. Me and my were brother bouncing around probably from some sort of sugar rush off the mini-eggs you had brought to sweeten us up. While chocolate always is always a good idea, there was no need as your sense of humour and ‘Dad’ jokes had me and my brother in stitches.

Since then the years seem to have flown by and I couldn’t have asked for a better father figure in my life. With my Mam by your side, you helped to raise both me and my brother as if we were your own. You have watched me grow into a kinda reasonable individual, always supporting me throughout the years. From taking our whole street on bike rides, to me and my friends on camping trips, you have always been a hands on parent. Dropping me at university with all the skills I needed to develop into a successful human being. Always making sure I get home safe, I know if I am ever in trouble I can count on you. You will always be my saviour. You have seen me at my highest and lowest points, being there for me when you had no obligation. For all of this I am eternally grateful.


Over time our families have merged into one and you must know that without you our family would simply not be complete. I see you as one of my own and I know that feeling is reciprocal. We have fully embraced one another into each other’s lives. I believe our relationship is one that is based upon love, laughter and honesty. I am so grateful that I feel so comfortable speaking so honestly and openly with you, which proves how deep our bond truly is.

Finally we are proper family now that we have our gorgeous Ollie. Life wouldn’t be the same without him would it? I wouldn’t change him for the world and I know that you wouldn’t either. He’s our little baby and I love how he has brought us closer together. Even if you do overfeed him… Who’d have thought all it would take is a ginger Cockapoo to turn our Mam into a dog-lover? Those gorgeous curls would melt anyone’s heart.


Here’s to many more years of caravaning, (more) dogs, shit jokes, “fixing up” scooters and being a local legend.

Thank you for all that you do. For being our Dad. For being brave and sticking with our family when you didn’t really have to. For cutting my grass. For everything.

Evie xo


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