5 ways to give back this Christmas

Tis the season of good will; though Christmas spirit is often something spoke about but rarely truly experienced. So as the first snow has already fallen, I think it is about time I share with you all some wholesome ways to spread a little love this Christmas and ensure you make a lucky soul (or two) feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

Donate, donate, donate- in any means you can. Remember donating doesn’t necessarily mean setting up a standing order each month to a selection of charities. It could start from donating an old coat, taking treats to an animal shelter or maybe you would prefer to get involved in the Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal where they are reaching out for donations of new, unwrapped toys and gifts for children who might not otherwise receive a Christmas present. Click here to see suggested gifts for children of various ages and where you should take them locally


Make a difference this Christmas by giving up some of your time to a cause that really matters to you. Check out Do-it to see volunteering vacancies available near you over the festive period. Volunteers are often needed across all skill-sets whilst their hard work is most appreciated particularly through the holidays; a time which vulnerable people usually find quite difficult to deal with. As I have discussed in a previous post The Benefits of Volunteering, volunteering is not only advantageous to the cause and the community but to you as well! To be honest, I cannot think of a single reason for you all not to do not less than a teeny, tiny bit of volunteering this Christmas. At the very least it will be sure to secure you a spot on Santa’s nice list…

Reserve a place at Crisis
Nobody wants to be homeless, especially at Christmas. For just £26.08 you could reserve a place at Crisis this Christmas. Remember that homelessness does not discriminate; get somebody out of the cold this winter. Crisis centres provide food, warmth, companionship and access to vital services all year-round so that hopefully homelessness will be a thing of the past! Click here to reserve your place today


Give to your local food bank
Foodbanks depend on the goodwill and support of its local community in order to run. They offer free emergency essentials to an ever-growing number of famished families and people struggling to make ends meet.  You can click here to find your local food bank or you can also donate through collection points in major supermarkets across the country. Here you may be given a list of things that are suitable to donate or click here to see what you could donate in a food parcel. Items such as toiletries, feminine products and baby supplies could also be useful things to donate. Personally, I think it would be nice to donate selection boxes and Christmassy food, after all tis the season!

Give blood
People are more likely to miss their appointments over the festive period, so it is even more important to recruit blood donors to avoid blood shortages in the NHS through Christmas and New Year. Giving blood could be the best gift you give this Christmas. If you give blood know that you could be saving up to three peoples lives! It is a truly remarkable thing to do and the great thing is, most people can give blood. Find out here if you can give blood.


How are you giving back this Christmas? Or are you not? 👀
Either way let me know in the comments or feel free to contact me at ohevie@hotmail.com or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Evie xo

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