Gratitude list : 2017

What a weird and wonderful year 2017 has been. After all the ups and downs I am just glad to say that I have made it through alive. There have been many times over the past year when I seriously thought I would not be here today. At times I felt I did not deserve to be here while at other points I simply felt lost and was worried that I did not know the ‘right way’ forward. Now I know there is no ‘right way’ and I am blessed to feel a level of acceptance that I once did not possess. Feeling so lucky to be surrounded by a loving family – cockapoo Ollie obviously included – and to be welcomed back into my parental home after a tough year of attempting to ‘adult’.

With all these fuzzy, warm emotions in the air it only feels right to finish the year with a gratitude list. Going through shit day in, day out can make it hard to see all the good things that are right in front of you. I know I need to practice daily gratitude more often but for now here are all the things I am grateful for in 2017… (in no particular order)

1.) My dog Ollie
2.) My family
3.) My friends
4.) My sobriety
5.) My recovery
6.) Hot coffee
7.) Bubble baths
8.) My relationship, even though it didn’t work out as expected
9.) NHS staff
10.) Yankee Candles
11.) Audibles
12.) Daily walks
12.) Travelling to Stockholm with uni pals
13.) Lavender oil
14.) Sleep mask
15.) Being able to live back at home with my parents while I figure things out
16.) Visiting Amsterdam with my best friends for my birthday
17.) All the fellowships that have welcomed me
18.) My recovery buddies
19.) Getting to visit the ABBA museum with possibly the biggest ever ABBA fans
20.) Poetry
21.) CBD Oil from CBD Brothers
22.) Making homemade CBD balm
23.) Netflix
24.) Getting my septum pierced
25.) Parmos
26.) Starting my blog
27.) My amazing step-dad who works away for the sake of our family
28.) Volunteering
29.) Maintaining my six stone weight loss
30.) Matcha
31.) Snow
32.) Lush bath bombs
33.) Olaplex
34.) Seeing my brother graduate
35.) My sponsor
36.) Narcotics Anonymous
37.) Dancing sober and not giving a fuck
38.) My health: both physical and mental
39.) Watching my best friends grow and develop into individuals
40.) Meeting Russell Brand
41.) Moving into my own house, even though it didn’t totally work out
42.) Gilmore Girls
43.) Having the confidence to write
44.) DBT
45.) Walking along the beach (preferably with Ollie)
46.) Mindfulness
47.) Reconnecting with my Dad and watching her grow as a trans-woman
48.) My hometown – Boro
49.) Oversized jumpers and proper comfy jamas
50.) Sleep
51.) My blogger friends
52.) Trying new foods
53.) Buying a Cineworld card
54.) M&S Cookie Dough Bites
55.) Speaking out about mental health
56.) Herbal tea
57.) Foam roller
58.) SMART groups
59.) Cheeseboards
60.) Mood-stabilizers
61.) Central heating
62.) Power showers
63.) Music
64.) Blankets
65.) Fluffy socks
66.) Daily vitamins
67.) Little kisses
68.) Honey, lemon and hot water
69.) Dr Martens
70.) Being self-employed
71.) Jeremy Corbyn
72.) Daily affirmations
73.) Fresh flowers
74.) Learning to say no
75.) Acceptance
76.) Apologies and making amends
77.) Incense sticks
78.) Hugs
79.) The mental health community on Twitter
80.) Catch ups with old friends
81.) My Higher Power
82.) Knowing that the sun will rise again each morning
83.) Hot chocolate with loads of marshmallows
84.) Ibuprofen gel
85.) Extremely understanding and supportive bosses/colleagues
86.) My free travel pass
87.) My intuition
88.) Having the ability to work through my shit
89.) Air Fryers
90.) Having a positive mindset (most of the time)
91.) Being able to save up and pay off my own tax bill
92.) Setting boundaries
93.) Starting to save up for a house
94.) Having the ability to feel emotions so intensely
95.) My hair starting to grow back
96.) Organisation
97.) Pocket tissues
98.) Clippers
99.) Ultrabland from Lush
100.) The fact that I am still here today.

Wow so there it is, my gratitude list. One hundred things to be grateful for and I really do feel so lucky to be able to write a list that long, some things obviously more important than others but they all go into making my 2017 what it was. It really has been a hell of a year and so much has changed throughout. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me. Bring it on!

—What are you grateful for this year?
Let me know in the comments or feel free to contact me at or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Evie xo

7 thoughts on “Gratitude list : 2017

  1. Greetings! Wishing you a wonderful 2018. Your list is fabulous. I must say I love the sleep mask and Netflix 😀 I’m thankful for being true to who I am and unleashing my inner goddess 😊 Great blog!

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